Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of process does your firm use when preparing tax returns?

We meet with our clients to review their tax information prior to the preparation process. We prepare the return, detail review it, and when complete, meet with our client to review. We cover every number on the return with our clients so they understand what is being filed with the appropriate government entity so there is no surprise down the road. We also provide suggestions and help. Throughout the year, we are keeping in touch with our clients helping with tax planning to save in taxes. Our clients find that there are more resources available to them so they can run their business or to increase their profitability. Letting us worry about the numbers, allows them time to concentrate on what they are good at – their particular business.

Do I need a CPA?

A CPA is appropriate for taxpayers and businesses who realize the benefit of having an accounting system and tax planning in place. Having a CPA monitoring your business will allow a business owner to pay attention to their business and to spend their time wisely – working on their business. The CPA provides the business owner with valuable information to gage how well a business is doing. The CPA monitors the progress of the business in more black and white terms. The CPA can save the client taxes, budget, help the client effectively make business decisions and improve the profitability of the business.

What makes Roth & Associates different from other firms?

The client service is superior because the client gets the expertise of professionals who are seasoned CPA’s without the exorbitant fees. When you call into our firm you will work with the professional, you were expecting to work with, not someone new each year.